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Top Malaysian Beauty Influencers to follow

With beauty trends constantly changing and new beauty product launches happening every week, it gets difficult to keep track. Here are some of our favourite Malaysian Beauty Influencers to follow. They have done all the hard work of trying out new skincare and makeup products, follow them to keep up-to-date on all things beauty.


The best thing about Nisha Ezzati is her sense of humour and honesty. Her videos are funny, real and entertaining. She's active on Instagram and has a youtube channel. She's good at explaining about the benefits of each product, and telling her audience about her favourites.

2. Beautywithtashy

Her beauty videos are simple and easy to follow. Beautywithtashy mostly uploads makeup tutorials, without explaining step by step, instead you can watch how she applies her makeup to background music. She's active on Instagram and lists down the makeup she uses in her caption.

3. Gracemyu

Grace Myu is a beauty blogger, she reviews beauty products on her blog, has a Youtube channel and is active on Instagram. Grace's reviews each product by trying them on and she's fond of colour swatching makeup.

4. Aishaliyana

Aisha Liyana is a full-time beauty influencer, she's active on Instagram and has a Youtube channel. Aisha creates a variety of beauty videos from makeup and skincare tutorials, to fun videos promoting the latest beauty products. She has good product knowledge, reviews each product in detail and explains their benefits. What we love about Aisha is that she documents herself before and after using the makeup so you can see her transformation.

5. Emily Quak

Emily Quak is a beauty Vlogger, she has her own blog where she writes about the latest beauty products, on Instagram she actively uploads video of makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews. We love how Emily has a variety of ways to connect with her audience, she has short quick beauty product videos, long articles on her experience using a beauty product and makeup tutorials. She's also shared a lot about her plastic surgery journey in Korea.

6. Amanda Imani

Instagrammer Amanda Imani creates fun makeup looks, and reviews skincare products on her blog and Instagram. She posts on travel, food, lifestyle and beauty. We love her before and after beauty tutorials. In her blog she write in detail about her experiences and reviews.

7. Faafirds

Congratulations to Faafirds who recently welcomed a baby girl. Her videos are fun and informative. We personally like her skincare videos where she shows us the correct way to apply skincare for the best results. She also has a variety of tried and tested videos, where she's actually trying on new beauty products, she also gives you advice and beauty tricks on how to use makeup efficiently.

8. Chanwon92

She's active on both her blog and Instgram, Chanwon92's photos are just beautiful and they have our #instaworthy approval. Head over to her Instagram for short and sweet beauty reviews, if you're interested to know more head over to her blog for her detailed tried and tested reviews.

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