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Top 5 Malaysian Beauty Brands

Looking to try out some homegrown beauty brands? We've got your back! Made in Malaysia these local beauty brands are a tad bit more affordable than famous international names.

Here's our favourites.

1. Prettysuci

Founded by two young entrepreneurs, Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah Kamil Ikram and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir, the duo decided to take their mutual love of makeup to the next level by putting halal beauty on a global stage and making it accessible to women all over the globe.

PrettySuci is the first Halal cosmetics brand to be sold in Sephora stores nationwide. Their beauty products are available online at and Sephora. Their brand is the first online beauty store which focuses and sells only halal beauty products. The brand aims to gather halal beauty brands from all over the world, joining forces to make halal cosmetics more accessible to everyone.

2. Muka & Co


A Make up brand for your mind, Muka & Co is a rising homegrown beauty brand that celebrates natural beauty and wellness through their range of makeup and skincare products, offering innovative, selfless and intuitive solutions for everyday needs. The brand's philosophy " Beauty that you love" is founded by real people who embrace real beauty." The brand is an advocate of all skin types and tones.

3. dUCK Cosmetics

Founded by fashion entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, dUCK Cosmetics is a sister company of her brand dUCK which specialises in scarves and fashion accessories. The best thing about this brand is that you can watch beauty tutorials from Vivy Yusof and learn beauty tips from the founder.

4. So.lek

So.lek is famed for their moisturising nude matte liquid lipsticks. Available in all the colours we love, So.lek is sure to have a shade to suit you. The brand recently added on a nail polish collection 'Kilat,' a water permeable and breathable nail polish range. Their range of make up is wuduk-friendly for Muslim customers. Co-founded by Dahlia Nadirah, their best selling lipstick shade 'Dahlia,' is named after the co-founder.

5. Syed Faizal Beauty

Celebrity makeup artist Syed Faizal has over 10 years experience in the makeup industry, it's no surprise that he launched his own makeup range. He is famously known for his bridal makeup, creating a sweet natural look for all brides to be. He recently launched a miniature lipstick range Bibride made for the bride-to-be, featuring 5 brown base lip matte with a mixture of brown, pink, coral, mauve and berry + 1 lip vinyl shimmer.

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