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The best hand sanitisers

Malaysian fashion designer Justin Yap caught our attention with his range of hand sanitizers, each with its own unique scent. Each scent transports you into a different realm from a beach getaway, relaxing massage to a rainforest. Theres not enough words to truly describe each scent, so we suggest you try them out for yourself.

How to use hand sanitizers

Keep your hands clean at all times. Remember to wash your hands throughly, dry them and sanitize. This range of sanitizers are non-drying, and keeps your hands feeling moisturised. The pure essential oils makes the formula gentle on your skin, allowing you to re-apply multiple times a day.

The formula is fast absorbing, light and non-sticky. The sanitizer contains 70% alcohol and is housed in a stylish glass spray bottle. The best thing is that it doubles up as a pillow or room spray. Please DO NOT store in your vehicle as it's flammable.

The Highlighter's Top Picks


Aloe vera, geranium and frankincense.

Soliloquay is a botanical scent, it reminds you of being at a tropical resort, waking up early for breakfast and taking in the fresh smell of the trees while sipping on your morning coffee and eating hot freshly baked croissant.

Moonlight in Bali


Just as its name suggest, this scent transport you to Bali. It reminds us of a relaxing Balinese massage in the afternoon followed by warm ginger tea.

London in the Rain

Juniper berry and cucumber.

London and rain go hand in hand, this scent has a refreshing green smell reminding you of wet, cold, London on a typical rainy day in the metropolitan city.

Sunset Boulevard

Coconut and lemon

The first thing that comes to mind when I smelled this scent is Miami. It smells like sun tanning by the beach while sipping on a Pina Colada, if that makes and sense?

Available to purchase online at Justin-yap

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