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Orkidgirl's range of contact lenses inspired by your favourite drink

Orkidgirl wanted to create a range of contact lenses that pays homage to our favourite drinks, their milky series both creamy and sweet are named Boba Tea, Matcha Green and Earl Grey.

Our Review

We love the packaging! Thank you for sending them over with contact lens cases, so we can keep them clean and safe. I ordered Gene X and Boba Tea with 200 power. I absolutely loved the colours, and spent the day creating new makeup looks to go with my lenses. If you prefer brown and grey contact lenses I suggest to give Boba Tea and Gene X a try, it really makes your eyes look extra attractive and alluring. I wore the contacts for 9 hours from 10 am till about 7pm, the contacts were comfortable and stayed hydrated throughout the day. are now offering a promotion price of RM42 for all their lenses with free shipping!

Milky Series

Orkidgirl Matcha Green contact lenses
Matcha Green

Named the Milky Series the range offers lenses in three colours, Boba Tea, Matcha Green and Earl Grey. The highly pigmented milky contact lenses have a subtle darker outer ring which enhances your eyes by creating a contrast between the milky colour and your iris. The lenses are 40% water-based and can last up to 3 months.

Gene Series

With two colour options to choose from, in this series Orkidgirl tried to mimic the iris as close as possible. The patterns and colour overlays creates an illusion of natural 'I was born with it' eye colour. In this series the X and Y chromosomes represents the gene sequence in the human DNA. Gene Grey- X for grey eyes and Gene Brown- Y for brown eyes.

Orkidgirl Gene X and Y contact lenses
Gene Y and X

Bombshell Series

This series features natural looking lenses for everyday use, available in Babe Brown and Cool Girl Grey. Babe Brown has a subtle dark brown outer ring that disperse into a beige brown inner iris with specks of dark brown to create a natural dual tone iris that’s pure and seductive.

Cool Girl Grey has a dark grey outer ring that disperse into a beige brown inner iris with specks of dark grey creating a natural looking three tone- coloured grey eyes that is nonchalant about what is hot as they are the trendsetters.

What are the contact lenses made of ?

Orkidgirl created their range of contact lenses with the idea that lenses should be both comfortable and alluring. One should feel confident without compromising the health of your delicate eyes. Made from high quality hema+silicone-hydrogel to ensure comfort and durability. Their soft lenses are made of 40% water.

Orkidgirl contact lenses in Gene Y
Gene Y

Silicone-hydrogel contact lens are a popular choice for those with more sensitive eyes as they allow more oxygen to pass through the lenses with a regular hydrogel surface. They also have a higher oxygen transmission which means that eyes will stay fresh and healthy throughout the day.

The material of these lenses absorbs and locks in water, keeping your eyes hydrated so that they do not get dry as easily.

What's the size?

Orkidgirl soft-lenses has a diameter of 14mm - 14.5mm creating a natural-looking iris without spill.

Milky Boba Tea

The Base curvature (B.C) of their lenses is 8.5mm to ensure a medium fit that fits any cornea and ensure a healthy supply of oxygen to the eyes. All contact lenses can be used for up to 3 months.

Visit their Instagram page for more information or head over to their website to shop online .

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