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Is an Expensive Hair Straightener Really Worth the Money?

You've been eyeing that expensive ghd or Dyson hair straightener and thinking do I really need to spend that much money on a hair gadget? "A hair straightener is a hair straightener, cheap or expensive, it does the job. Well, you've got it all wrong girl! "That's what a person who hasn't tried a top of the range hair gadget would say.

Writing from experience, from cheapo hair gadgets to owning a ghd. The difference is HUGE, and I would happily invest in another expensive hair gadget if god forbids my ghd dies on me!

If your hair starts to smells like burnt toast as you're straightening your hair, put that hair straightener down and read on below.

ghd 18k gold hair straightener

I didn't really think much of hair straighteners as a tool to use daily, I have long straight hair and usually just let it air dry or I'll go for a wash and blow at the salon. I have zero patience with styling my hair at home, it takes too long and my thick hair takes forever to tame. I would spend up to an hour straightening my hair, over and over again in small sections to make sure it is perfect. But it's time consuming, and really only something I have time for on a Sunday afternoon.

I remember being in the salon and sometimes I can smell my hair burning from the hot hairdryer. I avoid going to get my hair styled at the salon too often as the harsh hairdryer and straighteners evidently destroys your hair making it dry and damaged. With so much hassle I find myself on most days just leaving the house with my hair tied into a pony tail.

That's until one day I went to a new hair salon and the stylist was using a ghd hair straightener. I saw how fast and smooth he worked, and how good my hair looked. A couple weeks later I went out to buy one for myself. Here's what I love about the straightener, It takes about 10 seconds to heat up, you plug it in, press the on button and it will make a beeping sound once it's ready. I straighten my hair once it's fully dried after a hair-wash, and separate my hair into 8 sections.

You can create perfect curls, beach waves and straightened your hair with the straightener. Even after styling your hair will retain a healthy shine. The 2.7m long cord allows you to sit and stand properly while you're styling, as compared to other flat irons that limits your movement. Remember that burning smell I was talking about? ghd only heats up to 185 degrees which lowers the risk of burning your hair and causing damage. The best part, the straightener shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of not using it.

Straightening your hair will be fast, as you need to straighten each section 1-2 times. Then you can move on to the next section. Once you're done you'll be leaving your house looking like you had a blow at the salon. Imagine going to work everyday with perfect hair in the morning, the ghd can meet your hair goals.

Here's our hair straightener wishlist

Dyson Corale Straightener RM 2,199

ghd platinum + deep scarlet styler RM1000

ghd gold hair straightener RM750

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