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Show Your Nails Some Love

We just received a new range of fruity scented Eeva nail and cuticle oil pens and we can't wait to try them out. Their plant-based organic cuticle oils are rich yet lightweight in texture, fast absorbing and smells great!

Eeva nail and cuticle oil pen in Watermelon Sugar
Watermelon Sugar

Homegrown brand @eevabeauty recently launched their range of plant-based nail and cuticle oil pens on the 15th September, their pens are hand-formulated and hand-filled.

Eeva's cuticle oil pens are blended with cold-pressed grapeseed, sweet almond and safflower oils. They are infused with vitamin E and added with fruity scents. The nail oils are plant-based, natural free from harmful chemicals and with no animal derived ingredients. It's safe to use for kids, is wuduk and prayer friendly.

The pens come in three fruity scents Watermelon Sugar, Tropical Mango and Berry Strawberry. They are in the mist of formulating a new Pink Grapefruit scent.

Eeva nail and cuticle oil pen in Berry Strawberry
Berry Strawberry

7 Benefits of Using Cuticle Oil

1. It hydrates and moisturizes dry cuticles.

2. It helps make our cuticles and the skin around the nails soft and supple.

3. It soothes dry, rough and tight skin (within minutes after application) around the nails, especially now with so much hand washing and hand sanitizing done.

4. It protects and repair damaged cuticles.

5. It prevents ragged, cracked skins, skin peeling and hangnails from appearing.

6. It is proven to treat deep ridges on the nails.

7. It gives an instant shine to the nails!

Eeva beauty nail and cuticle oil pens
Eeva nail and cuticle oil pens

Our Review

I love the packaging! It's lightweight and convenient to carry in your handbag so you can apply the oil onto your nails even when you're taking a break at work. The pen has a brush on one end where the oil absorbs into the bristles for easy application. Twist the top of the pen and you get drops of oil into the brush, then apply to your nails. Contrary to it being an oil, but it's not oily. It moisturises your nails and your cuticles, softening any hardened skin, and quickly absorbing into your nails and cuticles; leaving your nails shiny and cuticles soft.

Our favourite scent is Tropical Mango, it smells like a smoothie and makes you feel like you're at the beach. While Watermelon Sugar smells refreshing and Berry Strawberry is sweet. I could instantly see the difference in my nails, it looks healthy, shiny and my cuticles are moisturised.

Eeva nail and cuticle oil pen in Tropical Mango
Tropical Mango

About the Founder

This project is close to her heart as the founder herself has been living with cuticle dryness. With everyone staying in more this year, there as been a lot more washing up and cooking at home which took a toll on her nails and cuticles. She said "I only discovered cuticle oil (can you believe it?) earlier this year when a manicurist shared with me a bottle of cuticle oil. I’ve been having extreme cuticle dryness due to a lot of washing and cooking and the skin around my nails has been nothing short of unsightly and not to mention they get really uncomfortable at times coz it’s so hard and rough. After applying the cuticle oil for a few days and was amazed (every time) at how it had helped to nourish my nails and cuticles, I wanted to share it with others too. That’s when I started to really get into the research and development of the cuticle oil."

She started to blend the oils to get the perfect formula and added refreshing fruity scents. To mark the start of a new business the founder launched her oil pens on her birthday on the 15th September this year.

You can purchase Eeva's nail and cuticle oil on Shopee or through their Instagram page here.

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