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Are you a local or international beauty brand looking for a beauty platform to showcase your makeup and skincare products? KLBW is a beauty community brought together by beauty fans looking to explore the latest beauty products and gadgets.

If you are interested to be part of KLBW 2023 get in touch with us at or send us an inquiry through our Contact page. 

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18th-19th November 2023

Exclusive Deals   ·   Brands   ·   Content Creators   ·   Make-up & Hair Tutorials

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Experience the Latest Trends

& Beauty Products

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  • KLBW is about creating a community for content creators, celebrities, fans, and brands to come together to celebrate all things beauty.

  • With makeup brands and top makeup gurus, influencers, bloggers and Youtubers it's every beauty lovers dream event.

  • Guests will have the opportunity to learn tips and techniques from industry experts at our Beauty School.

  • Shop and explore the latest beauty products from popular makeup brands.

  • KLBW is a beauty conference that will showcase the latest in makeup products and trends.

  • Local and international makeup brands will be invited to take up a booth to showcase their brands latest products.

  • KLBW will also feature make-up and hair tutorials by local and international makeup artists at the Beauty School.

  • The event will offer a mini hair salon to try out the latest hair styling gadgets. A massage and manicure booth.

Target Audience

  • Women age 20-55 ( Why?) They have the highest available disposable income at that age with fewer commitments and willing to spend on beauty products. 

  • This is the age that women are experimenting with beauty, and wear the most makeup for work/socialising.

  • Our target audience enjoys trying out various beauty and skincare products to suit their skin's needs.

  • They have an interest in beauty, fashion, travel, social media and trends.

  • Online buyers who frequently visit beauty/fashion e-commerce websites. 

  • Tap into the target audience using social media influencers, digital marketing via social media platforms. 

  • Build an online beauty community via social media who have a keen interest in beauty. 

  • Frequent contact with the audience via monthly newsletters, mini-events, and social media updates. 

Content Curators

Malaysia’s Finest Beauty Influencers

Beauty School

·  Hairstyle Tutorials  ·
Kuala Lumpur Beauty Week
·  Make-up Tutorials  ·
Kuala Lumpur Beauty Week

Exhibition Hall Floor Plan

KL Beauty Week floor plan

Exhibition Hall Layout

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